September 11 Digital Archive

Jason Salganick


Jason Salganick


Sept. 11 Images
1] Statement of Contents

I have almost 200 images, organized according to a few themes:
1. Collapse of WTC – Some graphics
2. Fall Down Series
3. Fallout – Immediately after the WTC collapse
4. Ground Zero – The big picture
5. Ground Zero Escape & Rescue – Immediately after the collapse
6. Palestinians-Suspects – Who could celebrate?
7. Patriots – NYC: The people of NYC – How the city responded
8. Penn-Pentagon: The pentagon and the flight that went down in PA
9. Plane Attack Series
a. 2nd Plane as it approached
b. 2nd Plane and the explosion that followed
10. WTC All Down – The dust settles
11. WTC Burning – The inferno, and the most chilling photos of desperate people who went to work one morning, and made terrible decisions they could not avoid.

2] My Sept. 11 Experience

I am rarely an introvert. But 9-11 made me an introvert for a few weeks. I buried myself under the images I would find on the internet, collect them, catalogue them, re-organize them, and re-tell the story to myself, again, and again. This is how I dealt with the tragedy, and how I was able to make my connection with the victims and heroes all over the world (remember, people everywhere on the planet lost loved ones, not just NYC & DC).
So here’s my humble collection of images, simply nabbed off the net in a timely fashion, as many of these images later disappeared. I hope some of them are unique to your collection.

Jason Salganick



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