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"Toward a More Perfect Union"

I don't believe we have learned much of anything since 9/11. I still run into the same idiots everyday. Common courtesy is still dead. The almighty dollar still remains the most worshiped thing on the planet.
Politicians are still following the money and not the will of the people. We are still asleep. 9/11 was mearliy a thunderclap. One that almost roused us fromare slumber. One that we're not quite sure we heard or not. Now there are many people trying to control us through fear. We are still not being heard and no one is being held accountable. Now is the time to really unite, not just talk about it like our partially elected officials. Let's take back the power of our vote. Make it count again. Make it more powerful than ever.

I believe it could happen quite easily and would force the corporations to be held directly accountable for the actions of their employees, oops sorry, I mean our elected officials. From this election forth all politicians should be required to wear NASCAR type jumpsuits with the corporate logos of their spons . I mean campaign contributors. CSPAN likewise should be required to show a scrolling ticker of who's buying oops I mean lobbying, what bills. While this won't solve all the problems in politics, it's a start. Everyone in this country has been trained to be a good consumer monkey by our corporate Oops, I keep doing that, I mean public school systems. We all understand a logo. Of course that's just my opinion, I
probably horrendously insane.


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