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We oppose terrorism and mourn its victims. Terrorism was used against innocent people, we denounce that, and mourn its victims. Terrorism is being used against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan by the United States and its underlings. We oppose this and grieve for its victims as well. We condemn and demand that all future terrorism against the people of Iraq and Palestine immediately cease. We also demand that plan Columbia and the embargo against Cuba be stopped.

Here at homeÖIt is not at all clear how and why the gigantic and costly protective forces of the United States failed to prevent the attacks of 9/11/2001. Did the Bush administration know that something was going to happen and not act? It is clear that the Bush administration and other reactionary forces in the U.S. have used the September 11, 2001 attacks to escalate the fears of the people of the United States and to put forth their own attack on the political and economic democratic factors of the U.S.. We join with members of congress and many others who demand a complete and unfettered investigation of these deficiencies.

Flaying at Virtual Dragons everywhere, Bush and his cohorts Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft have illegally or illegitimately

1. Held people incommunicado without charges or trials.
2. Denied privacy of council between prisoners and attorneys.
3. Flouted the Geneva accords on human responsibility for war and peace.
4. Overthrown U.S. Constitutional rights.
5. Renewed nuclear weaponry and Star Wars programs.
6. Withdrew from the Land Mines Treaty and other agreements that make our world a safer, better place.

There can be no peace without planet-wide social and economic justice, after all God is egalitarian. Instead we see conflict worldwide. In Palestine and Israel, Columbia, in Congo and too many other places to note, we see conflict often powered by the overt or hidden hand of the U.S.. And then of course what happened to the peace dividend. The very rich will get their tens of millionsÖas part of the $1,500,000,000,000 tax give back. Let us not remember our $300 and keep quiet.

History tells us that there is a continuum. Todays world history largely produced and powered by the United States, is played out on other parts of the planet. On the very same day, Sept 11, 1973, U.S. directed terrorism, orchestrated by Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, the CIA and U.S. Navy ships Offshore terrorism, Offshore, killed the elected president of Chile Salvador Allenda. Within two weeks up to 30,000 Chileans were murdered. Chile was brutalized by 20 years of Pinochet Fascism. Up to 1 million people were forced to leave the country. These were people from every walk of life. And the progressive sectors were destroyed.

The Chilean tragedy is sadly typical of the power wielded by the United States in many places, many times, with its planet wide sweep in effect. As we remember the victims of 9/11/2001 and 9/11/1973 we must also resolve to end the U.S.s role of murderous push and shove authority in the world.

We must commit to enabling every person in the world to share the human dream of the good life. If we allow our grief and fear to lock our hearts behind an arsenal of weapons then we are as trapped, as isolated, as inhuman as that tragic fool, Bin-Laden trapped in the confines of his cave. As Americans we must mourn our dead and assume our responsibility for historic transition in this difficult time. This can only come through love, sharing, and the courage to demand peace with justice. THIS IS THE ONLY MEMORIAL TO THE VICTIMS OF 9/11 THAT COULD BRING AN END TO SUCH BRUTALITIES AND BRING PEACE TO THE DEAD, THEIR LOVED ONES, AND THE REST OF US.


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