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I was at work. At the time I was working for the Manchester School District. The previous day we had had an incident with a little boy who was in a wheel chair. His chair had tipped over while we were outside. The next day, Sept. 11, one of the other teachers came in and asked us if we heard what had happened. The teacher that I worked with and I automatically thought that the parents of this child was in the office and wanted to see us. We assumed they were very angry with us but the teacher that had come to our room told us, no the towers in NYC had been hit. We were both stunned. Personally I didn't know anyone who was in any of the planes or any of the buildings but just having this happen to our "neighbors" was very sad. To think this could happen in the land of the free is very sad. It still affects me to see any footage of that day or see pictures.


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