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I was perhaps less traumatized than other college freshman because I had been living away from home for 6 months prior to the start of college. Still, when I realized that two planes had left from MY hometown to crash into MY country's building, I was filled with indignition. When I became too nauseated by the tv news, I called my mother at work. She did not know. I could tell in her voice. I asked where my father was. She didn't know that, either. My father frequently took shuttle flights from Boston to D.C. and would only mention the fact if asked because it was so casual. Fortunately, I reached him in his office in Boston after I hung up with my mother. The next person I tried to call was Andrea, my best friend, studying at Georgetown University. I couldn't reach her the entire day because the phones lines were clogged. She finally got through after 11pm. The only thing she said was, "Becky, I'm standing on the roof watching the Pentagon burn."

After one year, I have finally been able to put my feelings into words. Indignition still reigns but followed closely by fortunate. My family and friends all made it out alive. However, that will never make me overlook the fact that someone tried (unsuccessfully) to imprison the the natives of the home of the free with shackles of fear.


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