WordPress at the University

For the past two years I’ve been managing WordPressMU on my campus for various purposes, including faculty portfolios and event-related blogs.  I’d like to chat with other technologist THATCampers who are using WordPress.org at their universities, with the aim of creating a list of recommended plug-ins and/or best practices for higher-ed (perhaps we could even create a wish-list of plugins that we’d like to see in development and pass that on to the THATCamp hackers).  I’m especially interested in discussing how universities are using WordPress for uses other than blogs (i.e. portfolios, event-planning, CMS, etc).

About Jana Remy

I just received my PhD History at UC Irvine. My interest in the digital humanities stems from my ongoing "side-projects" that began in 90s-era listservs, moved to the social web, and are now spurring me towards DH project development. I've been an avid participant and sometimes planner of several previous THATCamps, such as THATCampLA, THATCampLondon, THATCampSF and THATCampSoCal 2011.

2 thoughts on “WordPress at the University

  1. This is a great idea! I have a list of “standard WordPress inclusions” (plugins, hacks, and pieces of code) I use on all the WP sites at my DH center, and I’d love to compare this with other people’s lists of of best-practice/always-used WP tools. We might even get a GoogleDoc or Group going where people could report on the latest DH-useful WP finds (e.g. “Check out this new plugin that we’ve been using on this DH site”).

  2. This sounds really useful, especially as we at DiSC have finally got Emory to agree to a better WordPress installation and are negotiating about the different plugins that we will want to have available to everyone.

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